Sunday, February 05, 2006

Islam and You: Obey or Die

The ongoing violence, demonstrations, burning of Danish flags and attacks on Danish embassies following the publication of cartoons caricaturing Muhammed should raise alarms in Europe and the West. What we are witnessing from the Umma is its very nature -- a self-possessed, collectivist consciousness at ever rising levels of sensitivity to perceived insult. The important thing for us to apprehend, though, is how the Umma responds. It is not merely with critical editorials, peaceful marches, or the other pluralistic methods we take for granted, but with calls for the execution of Islamic justice, particularly death for blaspheming cartoonists. Simply put, vast numbers of Muslims expect their laws and customs to be applied universally throughout the world. It does not matter if one lives in a far-off land not within the Muslim community of nations. Sharia should be applied with ruthless vigor. This is not to say all Muslims agree, but the outlook is a cornerstone of militant Islamic ideology as expressed by al Qaeda and its ilk. Still, cosmopolitan Europeans and American liberals fail to understand -- or at least acknowledge -- the global aspirations of the radical Muslims who seek now to impose their narrow worldview and laws upon us all. We may not want a clash of civilizations, but the Umma certainly does.


At 7:10 AM, Blogger Len said...

Excellent post. Curiously, most Islamic countries were founded by secular Muslims and based upon secular values. This present fundamentalist Islam that the West faces today was motivated by a series of reversionary military, political and social revolutions. I specifically draw your attention to the Popular Islamic Revolution within Iran (1979), the social revolution toward Shariah law within Pakistan (1970s) and the recent election of Hamas. Despite America’s genuine intentions of promoting civil rights, gender equality and democracy; Islam, indeed Muslims themselves, are averse to these values. Democracy and free elections will merely legitimize the very elements the USA aims to suppress.


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