Saturday, April 29, 2006

Lefties Losing It Again for May Day

As usual, the lefties organizing this May Day's "Day of Action," intended to show the country what it would be like to go "A Day Without a Mexican," are hysterical. They're whipping themselves into a frenzy in anticipation of yet another pointless tantrum aiming to show the rest of us just how self-righteously bothered they are. And also as usual, they've completely deluded themselves with the grandeur of their cause and power.

These progressi-fascists just do not understand who their real enemies are. Employers who hire immigrants, especially illegals, know very well how much they depend on the cheap labor those immigrants provide. They're the last ones supporting tougher measures against illegals. In this regard, organizers who think they're going to show employers a thing or two are really just preaching to the converted.

Meanwhile, what those who truly are anti-immigrant want is not a day without a Mexican, but everyday without any Mexicans, or El Salvadorans, Chinese, Indians, and other immigrants. Having immigrants out of work for a day will not bother them in the least. Indeed, they cheer the absence of immigrants and wish the general strike would go on much longer than a day.

In reality, the only people who will feel the sting are those poor immigrants already living at the margins who are misled into joining the strike. They'll miss a day of pay. The rest of us may have to wait an extra day to have our offices vacuumed and our bathrooms cleaned. We may even be forced to buy fast food from a black, white or Asian working on May 1. But our daily routines will hardly be affected otherwise.

Fortunately, most Latinos recognize this absurd stunt as the residue of disaffection among the many Che worshippers infesting our communities. We see the defeatism, the nihilism in their worldview and we prefer the contentment that comes with not imprisoning ourselves in their constant state of defensiveness.


At 4:29 AM, Blogger Len said...

Superb article, John. I must admit that I do sympathise with these poor immigrants. Few have the benefits of education and are generally exploited by loose labour laws within the USA. Having said that, strike action rarely achieves anything and I think that there is an inherent danger in necessarily isolating oneself as a 'Hispanic'. Perhaps the focus should be on more equitable working conditions and wages for all low-income workers.

At 6:02 PM, Blogger Da Man said...

I hope you are right, John, about the majority of Latinos seeing this as a stunt. This issue will take decades to resolve, even if we manage to close the borders now.


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