Sunday, May 21, 2006

Behead Those Who Insult Christianity

Wouldn't it be something if Christians, offended by the libels of Dale Brown's "DaVinci Code," rioted across the world, calling for the blood of the blasphemers who published the book, produced the film, or were otherwise involved with the project. The yarn is certainly far more insulting than the Danish cartoons that so inflamed the Muslim world. What is really objectionable, though, is the reaction of our "free" press to these two events. Editors and producers scared to incur the wrath of rampaging Muslims kept the cartoons off their pages, hiding behind a pretense of sensitivity to "the world situation." But they have no problem showing all kinds of images from the DaVinci Code, giving it "two thumbs up" on their syndicated television shows, and telling us that anyone who is offended just can't appreciate an obvious work of fiction. Well, it's always just a fun story until someone screams, "Off with their heads!" -- and means it.


At 5:59 AM, Blogger Len said...

It's fairly obvious that the West attempts to placate the Muslims. In Australia we witnessed a gross example of this last week (see my latest blog entry). I suspect that the media tend to be a little less sensitive to the concerns of the Christians because in aggregate most are reasonable people. Only an absolutely deranged mentality would react violently to mild cynicism.


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