Monday, July 24, 2006

Lebanon Guilty?

The Middle East Media Research Institute, which directly translates Arabic broadcasts and print reports, posted the transcript of Hizollah leader Hassan Nasrallah's July 21 interview on Al Jazeera, in which the terror chief claims to have informed top Lebanese government officials of his organization's intent to kidnap Israelis for use as bartering chips to win the release of jailed Hizbollah members. If Nasrallah's claim is true, it means Lebanon's government was aware of terrorist plots which they took no action to prevent. Neither did the Lebanese government share this valuable intelligence with Israel or others who might have acted to prevent Hizbollah's incursion into Israel and its killing of several Israeli soldiers in that attack. Ultimately then, the Lebanese government is an accomplice in Hizbollah's attacks on Israel, and it deserves to be destroyed as any enemy. As such, Israel would be justified in expanding its air strikes to eliminate Lebanese military forces and government facilities, as well as targetting Lebanese officials who give aid and comfort to Hizbollah.

Of course, it could be that Nasrallah has some axe to grind with the Lebanese government and simply hopes to coax Israel into directing some of its military power away from his own besieged fighters. He might presume that the destruction of Lebanon's secular government would create a vacuum his organization could fill, thus leading to the coutry's "Talibanization." However, this could be prevented by a concerted allied interdiction of transportation routes into Lebanon from Syria, thus cutting off the flow of arms and munitions to radical groups such as Hizbollah and giving Lebanon's moderate Muslims, Christians and others the breathing room to establish a stronger government and armed forces that do not need to bow to the will of terrorists like Nasrallah.


At 5:42 PM, Blogger Len said...

Interesting post, John. I hadn't read that interview before. I don't believe Nasrallah's allegations. Lebanon is quite secterian and I doubt that the leader of a Hizbullah militia would relay information to a Suni prime minister. Nevertheless, the situation on the ground in Israel is quite dire. Haifa refugees have virtually abandoned the city and have fled further down south. Hizbullah terrorists also continue to rain rockets against northern Israel.


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