Thursday, August 10, 2006

Lieberman Loss Proves Dems Are Crazy

Ned Lamont's defeat of the very liberal Joe Lieberman in Connecticut's Democratic primary this week just proves what former Democrats have been saying for the past several years: The party has fallen under the control of its most radical elements so that it no longer represents mainstream American values or attitudes. The new Dems represent only Hollywood, trial lawyers, and unreformed socialists. They push for radical social upheavals while working ever more assiduosly to punish law-abiding citizens and limit our civil liberties.

Joe Lieberman is a perfect example of the old-style liberals who once populated the party. He was a true champion of civil rights for 40 years. He was socially and economically liberal, supporting abortion rights, expansive welfare programs, environmental regulation, and just about every other program or issue put forth by those well intentioned people who called themselves "progressives." While some former Democrats (me, for example) came to view many of these liberal ideas as completely wrong and misguided, old-style liberals like Joe Lieberman continued to command our respect and goodwill because it was never in doubt that his efforts and ideas were rooted in his own deep convictions about moral and public right. In other words, we could disagree without demonizing Lieberman or having him demonize us. He is civil. He is honest. He is exactly the kind of politician BOTH parties could very much use many more of. Not because he's a moderate. He's not. He's a dyed-in-the-wool liberal. But he's reasonable. He's rational. He's everything Howard Dean and Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid and others now running the Dem Party are not.

Time was when liberals actually had spines and were willing to stand up to threats. It's hard to imagine a liberal Dem of today standing up to Hitler or Stalin. They refuse even to stand up to the terrorists who now work to exterminate us. What a shame that liberals do not have any will to fight for their survival, but have plenty of energy to work at defeating a good man like Joe Lieberman. All in all, I'd say things are looking very good for the GOP's November prospects, but very bad for the country. It's not a good thing to have only one party represent mainstream America. We'd be better off if the Dems could come back to their senses and give voters a real choice.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Give War a Chance

Indignant calls for Israel to cease its military operations against Hizbollah ring false in their self-righteousness and purported compassion for innocents. In fact, the Israeli operations are defensive, and are significantly delayed responses to ongoing Hizbollah terror activities, including the intentional firing of rockets into cities with no military targets. Of course, Israel responsibly warns its citizens, moves them out of harm's way as much as possible, dispatches them to bomb shelters, etc., thus depriving the terrorists of the blood spoils they so desire -- and preventing the kinds of images of human suffering one sees in Muslim communities from Lebanon to the PA areas (many of them staged, of course) where the terrorists operate in close proximity to civilians, even using them for cover.

It's so easy for Europeans, particularly on the left, to criticize those who live under constant assault. Those critics are not fighting for their own survival as the Israelis are. And arrogant with the airs of post-modern pacifism and "engagement," these critics act as though they believe terrorists can be reasoned with, negotiated with in good faith, and somehow accomodated. Nonsense! They would be surprised to learn there are still many people in the world (most people, in fact) who have not yet joined their post-modern enlightenment, and who are all too willing to eliminate exotic others, including liberals, Europeans, secularists, etc. And more often than not, these people, who still live in a Hobbesian world of might making right, must be defeated before they can be successfully engaged. Muslim regimes like those in the PA, Syria, and Iran will not bargain in good faith when they perceive their opponent to be in a weak position. Indeed, they see the mere willingness of their opponents to engage diplomatically as a sign of weakness, a sign they should press further ahead with their aggression.

The only rational response to such attitudes is one that disabuses the barbarians of their delusions of invincibility and power. As Germany and Japan had to be unambiguously beaten in war, so the evil regimes of today must be thoroughly dismantled for their societies to change. There must be no negotiation with Hamas, Hizbollah, or any other terror group -- only relentless pursuit and destruction. And there can be no honest diplomatic engagement with these groups' sponsors until those sponsors see they have no alternative.

Israel must sustain its operations against Hizbollah until there is no more functional Hizbollah. If Syria or Iran enters the fight, the United States should respond with a full-scale air assault and ground invasion to assist our Israeli allies and crush the tyrannical regimes once and for all. We need not rebuild these countries or install friendly regimes. We need only destroy their productive capacity as we did Japan, Germany and North Korea. Let the people suffer, as those in the aforementioned countries did, so that they will learn that their xenophobic race and religious hatred earned them nothing but devastation. Let them know they have been beaten. In a world where innocent Americans, Israelis, Europeans, African Christians and others are constantly murdered by barbarians, it is preferable to make the enemy bleed than to encourage him to ever greater acts of aggression by showing a spineless desperation to talk.