Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Chicago Bears Reveal Weakness

Thank God for the Chicago Bears' defense and Devin Hester, because the team's offense and head coach are pathetic.

If you take away the 13 QB scrambles that count as rushes, the Bears have actually handed the ball off 171 times this year (28.5 carries per game). They passed 195 times (32.5 passes per game) -- more than 53 percent of all plays. And these numbers don't even come close to reflecting the true nature of our offense (pass first). A lot of our handoffs are coming in the second half when we've already built big leads and just want to kill the clock. Those carries are padding the total number of rushes and depressing the yards per carry since defenses recognize the clock-killing strategy, then respond.

Last night, the Bears handed it to a running back 13 times. Grossman flung it up for grabs 37 times. It was obvious all night that strategy wasn't working, but did Lovie Smith adjust? Of course not. He completely abandoned the run because his team is fundamentally a passing team, not a rushing team.

The Bears' pass-happy offense tries to imitate the "Greatest Show on Turf" that apparently seduced Lovie Smith when he was the defensive coordinator in St. Louis. The only problem is that we don't have the seasoned QB, not to mention money WRs like Holt and Bruce, to make that kind of all-or-nothing offense work consistently. We'll hit spots where Grossman plays like pre-season Rex, as he did against Minnesota and Arizona, and the Bears will be vulnerable.

Luckily, we face the Niners and Dolphins in our next two games, so there's margin for error. But we'll DEFINITELY lose to the Giants, Jets, and Patriots if pre-season Rex shows up again, or if Lovie Smith continues to insist on only running the ball if we have a comfortable lead. The guy should be a defensive coordinator. It's obvious the players like him, but he's turning the Bears into a one-dimensional, predictable offensive team that lives or dies on Grossman's streaky arm.


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