Tuesday, October 10, 2006

How to Handle Nuclear North Korea

As gratifying as it would be to simply bomb the DPRK into oblivion, we should:

1. Notify China that unless it can coerce the North to return to the Six Party Talks and reach a good faith deal to dismantle its nuke program the U.S. will consider the DPRK as an imminent threat to American security, and

2. Explain to China that we would then see no choice but to help Japan and Taiwan develop appopriate strategic weapons systems to counter the DPRK menace and

3. Demonstrate to China by our deployment of the Navy's 7th Fleet off the coast of Taiwan, as well as additional Naval and Air Force assets in Japan, that we are preparing for an all-out military confrontation with the DPRK as well as the physical defense of Taiwan, and

4. Urge China to continue its economic development with Most Favored Nation trading status with the United States, and

5. Encourage our South Korean allies to mobilize additional military reserves while making a very public spectacle of increased American operations exercises on the peninsula and

6. Send Secretary of Defense Don Rumsfeld to Tokyo to announce on TV that the U.S. will spare no expense and will not shrink from any sacrifice to defend Japan "and the other free peoples of East Asia" from communist aggression and

7. Immediately pass an emergency spending bill to purchase additional munitions and spare parts, particularly very heavy "bunker buster" bombs, and then finally, in a few weeks,

8. Notify North Korea that they have 24 hours to comply with UN resolutions or face the end of the Kim regime.

9. If these measures fail to achieve an enforceable agreement, we should commence the aforementioned bombing of the DPRK into oblivion, and if necessary, Red China as well.


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