Thursday, June 22, 2006

Dems Call for Iraq Surrender

Republicans can stop spending our campaign funds, close down our election operations and spend the summer at home. Democrats are GIVING us the election this year. In a pair of Senate bills today, Dems called for America to admit defeat in Iraq and cede the field to al Qaeda and their friends. Of course, both measures failed. But does anyone doubt that Dems will now be known for having only one alternative Iraq strategy to the president's, and that is giving up and coming home? So far, every time they speak on Iraq they parrot one of two messages: the president has no plan, or we ought to pull out. Hillary Clinton is especially lame, criticizing the administration's lack of a good Iraq strategy then, in the next breath, saying the most radical of today's proposal's (John Kerry's, naturally) is not much of a strategy either. Does the "New York" senator have any ideas of her own? Of course not. She's trying to navigate that perilous course on the left known as "moderation." Taking any specific position would only lose her votes in the 2008 election. Best to be vague and negative while your less pragmatic comrades bury themselves. Still not a very good strategy for actually winning. And why should the Dems get back control of any portion of government? They're in service to our enemies!

Monday, June 05, 2006

Of Course There's A Backlash reports today that there seems to have been an increase in racial tensions recently as Congress has debated immigration reform and border security. Duh! When lefty radicals play the race card, righty radicals are only too happy to play along. And the great majority of us who are not inspired by hate or racism (as the left constantly accuses us) are greatly antagonized by the displays of ingratitude and even Latino racism that the left shoved in our faces this past May Day.

There are plenty of images available online showing virulent anti-Americanism and anti-caucasian slurs on display at the nationwide rallies. I myself have often endured accusations of "white washing" and being a traitor to la raza. Ask black Republicans how often they must endure the Uncle Tom label. The fact is, the American left, led by such elites as my alma mater's ethnic studies founder Ron Takaki, has spent the better part of four decades intentionally Balkanizing American society, stoking minority fears and reinforcing a sense of collective victimhood and helplessness. The cynical goal of these race baiters is to enlarge the electoral base of the Democrats and other parties of the left, which ceaselessly pander to minority communities even while they ignore those communities' needs. Make no mistake, the left wants minorities to remain poor and helpless -- permanently. And they want the American people to hate one another. Only with such instability and insecurity can their Nanny State ideology have any appeal to rational people.