Friday, January 12, 2007

Baby Bumblers

If you've ever seen those Ameritrade commercials trying to hawk investment accounts to Baby Boomers you're familiar with the stirring imagery of astronauts taking steps on the moon's surface, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. addressing throngs on the National Mall, and so on. The commercial is ironic, though, in that what it really conveys quite subversively (or perhaps just ignorantly) is the misguided pride and arrogance of that massive generation. For not a single image in the commercial actually shows a great Baby Boomer. Instead, all of the great leaders and heroes are members of that Greatest Generation of Americans who preceded the Boomers. Dr. King? He was no Boomer. JFK? Think again -- a WWII vet. Heck, the first Boomer president was Bill Clinton, and he is comicly representative of the Boomer stereotype -- self-indulgent, slick, self-absorbed, over-sexed. But the commercial winks and nods and tells Boomers, "You've really made a difference," even while showing people who really have done great things, but are not Boomers.

To be fair, some Boomers have done important things. Al Gore, for example, invented the Internet. Oh wait, that was a bunch of officers at the Department of Defense. Some of them might have been Boomers, though. And Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and all those guys in Silicon Valley in the 80s were Boomers. Then there was, uh... oh forget it. It's just too hard thinking of any more Boomer achievements.

Wikipedia has a list of great Boomers. It's a short list:


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