Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Al Gore’s Prize

I’ve got mixed feelings about Al Gore receiving the Nobel Prize. I actually don’t have particularly strong feelings about the former vice president. I liked his movie and even voted for him in 2000. Of course, while he had always been stiff and dull in years past, he spent a few years acting a little nuts after the controversies surrounding the 2000 election. But I don’t believe he’s evil like the Clintons or John Kerry. Heck, against the right (or wrong, I guess) Republican, I could even see myself voting for him again.

What annoys me, though, is that this award is going to justify many nutjobs on the left in their misguided ideas. Not just about climate change. I’m sympathetic on that one. But being nutjobs, lefties are bound to project the prize’s glory over their entire dogmatic view of the world. The Nobel’s prestige will be seen as lending credibility to their whole statist, nanny state agenda.

What’s more, the prize itself has lost value as truly evil people and nutjobs have received it recently – think Yasir Arafat. More and more, the prize is becoming a tool of the left. But it still carries such name recognition that most people have no idea of the prize’s diminishing objective validity.

If someone’s going to get such a highly recognizable prize, though, it might as well be someone who is at worst wrong, but probably right about the environmental dangers we face.

This all gives me an idea for a possible election slogan:

Al Gore – not the worst choice.


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