Monday, July 07, 2008

BHO and McCain Both Soft on Illegals

Though I support John McCain and agree with him on most issues, one subject on which the honorable senator from Arizona is wrong is the subject of immigration.

Like Barack Hussein Obama, Senator McCain voted for the border fence. That's a good first step in controlling the border, but only a small, partial step. Indeed, the fence protects only a fraction of the border, and should be extended across the entire boundary with Mexico.

Also like Obama, McCain has voted for President Bush's guest worker program, which would help to combat the reliance on illegal labor by allowing employers to hire workers with no intention of immigrating permanently. I can live with this, too.

But a third common position with Obama is too much. McCain and Obama co-sponsored the Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors (DREAM) Act of 2007, which was intended to give illegals huge advantages over American citizens when it comes to paying for college. You see, American citizens who leave their home state to attend college elsewhere pay out-of-state tuition that is exponentially higher than what in-state students pay. In California, that can mean paying five or six times as much. But under the bad DREAM Act, students who enter a state illegally and who are not merely out-of-state students, but out-of-country students, would get to pay in-state tuition heavily subsidized by taxpayers in those states. So while an American citizen from New York would have to pay handsomly to attend UCLA, an illegal alien who sneaks into the state would get instant in-state status and have his tuition paid largely by California's taxpayers (which generally does not include other illegals, contrary to liberal fantasies).

This raises the question as to why any American citizen should have to pay out-of-state tuition when those who cheat the system at every step are catered to so shamelessly. Perhaps those out-of-state students should claim to be here illegally, provide no evidence of residence, and demand special illegal alien preferences.

That is where we are headed unless the GOP can bring McCain into line on this issue.


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