Monday, August 11, 2008

Russia's Shame

America should do everything in its power to halt Russia's invasion of Georgia. This is our Cuban Missile Crisis. We cannot afford to blink.

President Bush ought to cut short his visit to China and immediately give a national address stating that America guarantees the sovereignty of Georgia, and that we expect Russian troops to leave Gerogian soil within 48 hours. Simultaneously, the president should order Air Force units into Georgia to flip CAP missions over our beleagured ally's territory, and deploy a small force of light infantry into Tblisi.

This could mean war with Russia. If so, it would be at Russia's choice. As JFK did with Khruschev, Bush should let Putin know that his actions risk war with America. And if Putin wants this war, it is best we fight it now rather than waiting for Russia's oil wealth to provide it an even greater arsenal with which to attack us.

Russia, and to a lesser extent China, sees democracy and the West as threatening to its existence as an authoritarian police-state. The writing has been on the wall for quite some time that this Russian regime is hardly different in its attitudes from the old Soviets who ran the Kremlin during the Cold War. They respect only power, and abide only by force or its credible threat.


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