Tuesday, February 17, 2009

AP & Dems: Republicans to Blame for CA Budget Impasse

Democrats control the California Senate and constantly use their majority to push for higher and higher spending. But as the state approaches a total fiscal meltdown, they and their media pals are pointing their fingers at Republicans for not abandoning our principles and swallowing their reckless wishes.

Senate Democrat leader Darrell Stenberg complained to the AP that the state needs, “One member. One more member to put the interest of the state ahead of ideology and ahead of any parochial concern.”

So that’s what Republican opposition to toxic tax hikes is – a parochial concern. Democrats simply cannot imagine how raising people’s taxes during the most severe recession since the Great Depression could possibly put further downward pressure on the economy. Makes sense, right? The government needs more money to carry out its bloated nanny state program, so raise taxes. Who cares if that digs us even deeper into or prolongs bad economic times?

The press is doing its part on behalf of government waste and liberal largesse. The AP went out of its way to point out that it’s California Republicans who are to blame for the budget impasse…

“However, it was falling one Republican vote short in the Senate, a situation that had not changed throughout a weekend marked by long hours and uncertainty over the state's future.”


Couldn’t possibly be that the Democrats should drop their dangerous tax increase, or even muster one more of their own Senators to vote for the budget.

You can imagine now what we’ll be hearing over the next couple years while the left controls nearly every level of government in this country. We on the right will continue to get the blame for every possible problem, and will be expected to capitulate on every issue, or risk being characterized as parochial ideologues. That’s the liberal mentality. To them, Republicans have no legitimate views or concerns. We’re all just a bunch of idiots who irrationally refuse to acknowledge their moral and intellectual superiority.


At 9:11 PM, Blogger motoscotch said...

CA should just man up and solve their own problem and not expect the rest of the States to bail them out via Obama's Stimulus Package.

Can anyone say offshore drilling? There are probably a number of States that wish they had that option to deal with their debt.


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