Tuesday, March 17, 2009

AIG Bought Democrats; Dodd & Obama Should Pay

And now we understand just how cozy the relations are between the criminals at AIG and their Democrat Party co-conspirators, including Barack Obama and Chris Dodd. Fox News provided the attached information about the Connecticut company's political contributions in 2008, and to no one's surprise, Connecticut's ultra-partisan Democrat Senator Chris Dodd tops the list, followed by Obama. Sure, John McCain is on the list, along with a few other Republicans. But the numbers are way, way out of balance. No one but the top two ultra-libs attained the six-figure contributions AIG threw at Obama and Dodd. No one even got close.

And now we know, too, that Chris Dodd is the one who inserted a sweetheart amendment into AIG's bailout bill last month to ensure that the company's execs would get their unwarranted, multi-million-dollar bonuses with taxpayer funds.

How much more evidence do the people need before they realize what a catastrophic mistake they've made voting this criminal party into control of our federal government?

Senator Charles Grassley suggested yesterday that the execs should either resign or commit suicide. The president and Chris Dodd should both take the same advice. Like so many of Obama's appointees, including our new Treasury Secretary, these Democrats are blatant criminals.

This is the filthiest, most corrupt administration any living American has ever seen.



Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Obama Hands Victory to Russia, Iran

Barack Obama’s on-the-job leadership training isn’t going so well. And now the more seasoned, wily Russian leadership of Dmitry Medvedev and Vladimir Putin are going to make us all pay for Obama’s inexperience and naïveté.

As he has done with other sworn enemies of democracy and human rights, Obama has reached out to the Russian autocrats with an offer of cooperation on European missile defense in exchange for reciprocal Russian help containing Iranian nukes.



Obama has set the starting point for negotiations at the center, the point where a fair resolution would be found. But anyone familiar with Russian negotiating tactics knows that the starting point is never the finishing point, and that the Russians will settle for nothing less than one-sided concessions in their favor. By starting in the middle, Obama has guaranteed that no fair outcome may result. Either the entire exercise will lead to acrimonious failure, or the U.S. will capitulate on missile defense in Eastern Europe in exchange for nothing substantive on the issue of Iranian nuclear development. Either way, it’s a major foreign policy defeat for this administration, the country, and humanity.

And that’s just going in.

What will happen a couple years down the road when Tehran has its nukes, Moscow is more firmly allied with the Islamic Republic, and Israel feels rightly threatened, and so launches strikes in Iran? Is the Obama administration ready to confront the real potential for war against Iran and Russia? Is this novice-in-chief prepared to stand up to a theocracy and a dictatorship with military force? And if he is, what of our allies in Eastern Europe who have made their beds next to ours? What will Obama do as Russian rockets destroy Warsaw and Kiev?

Thanks to this president’s weakness dealing with our enemies, and his total lack of loyalty to our friends, humanity now stands closer to world war than at any time since the Cuban Missile Crisis. Most of us just don’t know it yet.