Thursday, April 01, 2010

Settled Law from a Living Document?

The left likes to say that whatever gains they’ve made pushing the "progressive" agenda over the years are now “settled law.” That is, things such as the unfettered right to abortion and the authority of the federal government to essentially ignore the 10th Amendment are now set in stone, and anyone who disagrees should shut up since that’s all been settled already. Well sorry, in our democracy, the only settled law is the one the left so loves to subvert, challenge and distort at every opportunity by calling that law a “living document.”

By now it should be clear I mean the Constitution, which the left constantly attempts to bend to the leftist program. Forget that the amendment process provides a clear and specific way to actually alter the Constitution. To the left, the words and clauses already there are open to constant reinterpretation so that the Constitution means whatever they say it means “in the current context” or “in accordance with contemporary mores.”

Thirteen states so far have filed lawsuits against the federal government in response to the health care takeover Democrats have foisted upon the country. Apologists for big government retort now that the Commerce Clause empowers the federal government to do all contained in the health care bill and more, and that such empowerment has been settled once and for. No need belaboring the debate. Those of us who believe the Constitution sets strict limits on government power (as the Founders explicitly stated it does) ought to pipe down and accept that the “living document” has adapted to today’s realities – which includes the fact that unlimited federal power is now set in stone.

A living document that sets leftist ideas in stone. What a creation!