Friday, April 30, 2010

Bravo Arizona!

What's left to say that hasn't already been said? Arizona has done what it had to do to protect its citizens and enforce the rule of law. If the federal government did its job, the state wouldn't have needed to pass its new law. But the federal government not only has failed to do its job, it is openly hostile to the task of protecting Americans from the drug cartels and smugglers that have turned our border into a bloody no man's land, and it has looked the other way as our communities have been flooded with people who ignored our laws and disrespected our sovereignty, and who make it harder and harder for less educated, less skilled American workers to get a job.

In the 1970s and 80s, a poor, uneducated black, Hispanic, white or other American had some hope of making an honest living as a janitor, cook, construction worker, etc. Today, forget it. All the manual labor jobs go to illegals who work for less pay and will accept less safe working conditions. This month, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released these statistics: While national unemployment stands at about 9.7%, among blacks the rate is 16.5%. Why is the rate so much higher for blacks? Because a greater proportion of blacks lack college degrees or high school diplomas, and so are in direct competition for jobs with illegals. And why on Earth would a small, independent contractor go to all the trouble of hiring a black American for framing, roofing, landscaping, etc., when he could pick up a truck load of illegals in front of any Home Depot without filling out any bothersome government forms, handling payroll deductions, or getting any attitude that he might expect from an American worker? Americans, after all, expect to be treated a certain way. An illegal is just happy to be making dramatically more money than they could dream of making in his homeland. He'll do whatever you ask and smile. Great for the contractor. Not so great for the poor black American citizen who just lost another opportunity to join the labor force and pull himself and his family out of the ghetto.

Sadly, race and ethnicity are still powerful influences over many people, so a lot of Hispanic Americans are willing to look the other way, or even applaud, while millions of people from Latin America break our laws and literally steal jobs from poor Americans. All because those invaders look like we do, and share a common ancestral culture. To folks with that attitude, I say it's time to choose sides. What matters more, America or your race? America is in the balance. Either our laws mean something, or they don't. And if they don't, what good is a Bill of Rights, and other laws written to protect our liberties? If your race and ethnic background puts you above the law, the law is worthless. When you cling to your racial and ethnic pride and identity politics, you are indirectly assaulting the rights and freedoms of everyone else.

I hope many other states, counties and municipalities will have the courage the follow Arizona's lead and enforce our laws.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Settled Law from a Living Document?

The left likes to say that whatever gains they’ve made pushing the "progressive" agenda over the years are now “settled law.” That is, things such as the unfettered right to abortion and the authority of the federal government to essentially ignore the 10th Amendment are now set in stone, and anyone who disagrees should shut up since that’s all been settled already. Well sorry, in our democracy, the only settled law is the one the left so loves to subvert, challenge and distort at every opportunity by calling that law a “living document.”

By now it should be clear I mean the Constitution, which the left constantly attempts to bend to the leftist program. Forget that the amendment process provides a clear and specific way to actually alter the Constitution. To the left, the words and clauses already there are open to constant reinterpretation so that the Constitution means whatever they say it means “in the current context” or “in accordance with contemporary mores.”

Thirteen states so far have filed lawsuits against the federal government in response to the health care takeover Democrats have foisted upon the country. Apologists for big government retort now that the Commerce Clause empowers the federal government to do all contained in the health care bill and more, and that such empowerment has been settled once and for. No need belaboring the debate. Those of us who believe the Constitution sets strict limits on government power (as the Founders explicitly stated it does) ought to pipe down and accept that the “living document” has adapted to today’s realities – which includes the fact that unlimited federal power is now set in stone.

A living document that sets leftist ideas in stone. What a creation!